Experience the power of silence and introspection with Victoria Larsson, Eva Tuerbl and Män-tse. At Breitenteicher Mühle, Brandenburg.

Join us for a taste of Wild Silence, or, as we jokingly call it 'Vipassana Light' at the tranquil Mühle, tucked away in Uckermark, the prettiest part of Brandenburg.


Yes, it's a silent retreat, which means no talking. Unless you have practical questions or requests for the staff, or questions regarding your practice for the teacher.


This weekend will also be a full-on digital detox. At the start of the retreat we’ll gather all phones (and all other screens) and keep them safe for you during the weekend. Your near and dear can naturally get in touch with you via us in case of an emergency). This will be one of many challenges, but it will also help still the mind, so you can begin to practice deeply. Challenges aside, we believe this will also be a beautiful and interesting experience, of going deeper into your meditation practice and beginning to understand how your mind works. 

This is not a 10-day vipassana* course, but an extended weekend of yoga, walking and seated, guided and un-guided meditation, tasty plant-based food, sauna, forest walks, reading, journaling and rest.


We hope this to be a powerful reset, and that you will continue to reap benefits long after you've returned home. After the silence is broken, there will be plenty of time to share and process your experiences with your fellow retreaters. 


NEW DATES!!!! fingers crossed we can go ahead in the spring!


JUNE 17th -20th 2021

AUGUST 25th - 28th  2021



€270 for the course 

€270 for all meals and accommodating in simple yet pretty double rooms

€240 for all meals and accommodating in a spacious triple room

€210 for all meals and accommodating in a Mongolian Yurt with heating



Breitenteicher Mühle is easily reached via train from Berlin to Angermünde. It runs at least hourly and takes about 55 minutes. From the train station it's another 10 km. A taxi costs around €20 (share!). In the past, participants have also walked or biked.​


* vipassana means insight and is a buddhist meditation technique we will teach during this retreat. Often when the term is used, it refers to the 10-day silent meditation retreats taught all  over the word by S. N Goenka.